Sheroy is a graduate from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, UK. Born and raised in the city of Mumbai, India he completed his undergraduate in product design and has worked for a design consultancy on a variety of projects ranging from conventional product  and furniture design to unconventional larger than life metal sculptures.

Coming from a family where his great grandfather was a carpenter and cabinet maker, Sheroy is a self-confessed workshop addict and a person who thinks with his hands. He has a passion for materials and processes, continually trying to test and push the boundaries of human perception through their innovative manipulation. Interested in fat-free design by creating a user – object bond that can outlive the creator of that bond.

Always ready to play a few tunes, Sheroy is a self taught percussionist, air guitarist and devoted hard rock and heavy metal fan. Passionate about automobiles and vintage motorcycles. Humble student of jiu jitsu, he prefers rugby to football.