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Pepper Mill

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Pepper Mill

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The Hermes Pepper Mill is a concept project that highlights artisanal methods and craftsmanship; attempting to add to the brand’s product line, while maintaining the signature level of high quality, integrity and values that HERMES embodies.


The Pepper Mill Story

An everyday spice is now elevated and attractively mobile by haute product design - the luxury of pure leather, age old methods of stitchcraft and woodwork and finally, a brass crown “nod” to HERMES’s equestrian roots. Whether it be a country estate picnic or a restaurant meal in the city, your handcrafted pepper mill ensures that you’ll always have spice.


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The Process

Painstakingly hand crafted & a unique production process to ensure that each piece has a superior level of fit and finish to function perfectly.

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Crown & Body

The body is constructed from walnut . The use of this wood truly represents the richness & warmth of materials that are typical of Hermes products. The grain and depth of colour resonates luxury, durability and craftsmanship. The use of brass for the crown is inspired by its place in saddlery; the detailing pays homage to the timeless of HERMES watches.



The leather & stitchcraft originally used for their equestrian products are now signatures of every HERMES handbag & the case embodies this.


Emotional Value

Evolves effortlessly with time and use.

The pepper over time, infuses it’s aroma into the leather, just as the oil from the users skin interacts with the case, making each piece distinctive to its owner.


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